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Dec 28, 2010 @ 12:00:00 AM

Blog dead? Nah, not yet! Not till I blabber how irritating the Chemistry quizzes are. 20 quizzes need to be done and most of the time the answers they provide after I finished doing them are always wrong, in a way that actually my answer is the correct one. Is it the technology to blame or my brain gets rusty over Chemistry? Must be both. So full of angst now. Don't seem to recall much for Redox actually. Argh, I just need time for Consultation. Hope to make time soon T.T Remembering how I burnt the midnight oil for SA2 just scared me off. I think I was pretty crazy trying to complete revisions last minutely in front of a coffee and in the end dipped in the coffee sleeping! LOL. Coffee was like a sleeping pill to me instead haha. But learnt those valuable lesson anyway. Hopefully next year I will have ample time for revision and not trying to revise in panic. Some are already worrying for O level, while I envy those who are done with O's and waiting for results and wasting their time as and when they like. My turrnnnn will be here in a year's time! I'm contented even though I'm just a snail. Yea, a snail will do for me. I'm just full of hopes for 2011. Well may be this is the mood you get when you are trying to complete homework as much as you can and hoping to see light at the end of the long tunnel. Working hard for those hopes to come true hahaha.

This wasn't the initial post. I don't know where it went to, but my brain failed me to recall what I just typed LOL.

I don't exactly know what I am thinking today. Seems like it goes long and round round the bush with no direction at all. Maybe, I just need some more sleep. Yea, just more sleep ZZzzZz.