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Oct 22, 2010 @ 9:36:00 PM

I think this time round, I'll just break the trend of posting the way I did for the previous post. But I guess I'm continuing with that style on other times. I don't really know how I shall phrase my post this time round, it's kind of mixed feelings right now hmmm. But well, I'm a responsible blogger who is aware of Cyber-wellness (LOL c'mon, break the formality!!), but I doubt I'm giving much damn about it this time round?

I may sound like I'm stressed up over certain matters. Well I guess I do. Perhaps not really like the usual reasonings of stressed over results or such, but it is of what more important to me personally, people. Results are just results, they are just printed on slips of paper in black ink, it can fluctuate and change drastically over time. Theoretically, people need good results to be successful. But practically, you need to feel contented and satisfied with yourself to be called successful. And apparently many who chase after results only don't feel much satisfaction at the end of the day, do they? That was what I thought of from past experience. There results are merely numbers and just figures, they don't depict much on anything else. But for people and their well-beings, it takes on a whole different view to look at it.
Knowing and understanding are definitely 2 different things. I used to only know but can't be bothered much to understand the people around me. Till only recently I realised the amusing feeling to be understood that I learn to understand them now. When life is apparently not at the peak but at the trough, those people around you who are there for you, are the true souls who deserve your love and care. They take time to hear and understand you, and see you as a new different person. That is when the abstract bond is sealed, thought not visible but it's so mighty that you just want to be around these people most of the time. You feel like going through rain and shine together with them, for all you can. If only these were really happening in SC and Choir, definitely trust is priceless among us. On the brighter note, I believe this takes time :)

I'm not sure either what is the objective of this post. For all I know, these people around me have become so important in my life, as if I live life for them haha :) Am so blessed with all these people around, thank God :) Although problems start to arise one by one given SC Camp, Open hse, Choir Camp and other miscellaneous events are coming up, I hope their presence will help me pull through the tests :)