That explains why she is an October 9 baby. Lia for short. Limegreen never fails to make her day brighter, as bright as classic colours do. Choirs have painted her life more vibrantly. Not a person based on the first impression haha! Nothing much. She's just another secondary school kid. Facebook. Enjoy your stay here :)

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All contradict.
Jan 24, 2010 @ 9:39:00 PM

Feel a desperation to blog suddenly. URGHHHH.
For the past few days, my body has been a real irritate! You know the feeling of being sick, but later on recovered, then the next day, the same thing happens?! Don't tell me it's going to be a continuous cycle -,- Arghhhhh. If want to fall ill, I'm begging you body please just do so asap. Don't make me suffer like this. LOL its like i'm pleading my own body. This doesn't sound sensible at all.

School.. Hmm many things happened actually which for sure I'll fail to recall them. But one thing for sure, the EV was err, 50-50 feeling to say haha! I just know tht after the EV, I had a feeling of so much RELIEF when I know the tests are only starting next week. Gross, get me to the old-self please hahahhaa. Jiayou guys for the upcoming tests :)

Church.. Today started PA. Huamm and I'm still in Alto. Am such a devoted Alto-ian, if there is such a word. Made some new friends, interesting people hahhaa. But I'm still hoping if I can appeal to 5 Loaves Ministry... hmm. Shall wait and see.

Actually, to include all in all that I want to blog today is... I'm HOMESICK! >< boooooooooo.
I want to ride the damn smelly horse again!
I want to climb the highest perilous mountain top again!
I want to ride the motorcycle around the neighbourhood again!
I want to taste the best Grilled Bread EVER.
Pathetic, I'm craving all these when I know I can't make them come true at this moment.
But still, thanks to my 2nd Bro to spend the night chatting with me :D