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You raise me up.
Dec 7, 2009 @ 12:46:00 AM

Helloooo. Humpfh, actually im too lazy to post anything right now, but i dk why, smth makes me feel like blogging. Oh i guess thats just the pleasure of blogging :) So yeah, arrived safely in Jakarta on last Thur's evening at Soekarno Hatta Airport. My uncle last minutely joined us because my aunt was afraid we 3kiddos might not arrive safely there lol haha, but yeah luckily he did and had just returned to Sg again today. Hmm pitied Bernardus aka Banana for being caught twice by the officers both in Changi and Soekarno because of his new passport thingy haha. Hope those dont happen on the return trip. Plane was delayed, unexpectedly :/ Then i just dozed off in the plane lol, since I didn't manage to get the seat by the window :| Haha those are the things I could remember on the first day, blame my bad memory for recalling events gahh.

On Friday, Banana, Jo and I went for morning swimming. Haha we were basically fooling around for an hour or so. Then my first bro came and threw the goggle around where we had to find it in the water for several times -,- Expectedly I lost haha, thats why I wear spectacle you see. Banana won 4rounds><Artha Gading. This is still a nightmare to me. because the fish bone still stuck in my throat till today. Specifically it wasnt a fish bone, some sort of small fin or what lol. I'm only seeing the doctor tmr since I thought the pain would somehow gone by itself, pathetic me. Can't even swallow properly without feeling the pain. Hmm but is okay, somehow this is a new experience for me hahaha :p After which we all went back to my Grandma house and did praying for her. Its been really a long time since we one big family gathered together in that manner, I really felt homed haha. So yeah, we prayed for her recovery so she could walk again. Grandma, we all love you! <3

Saturday morning till afternoon was supposed to be a shopping day haha. But in the end, I got more involved in shopping for baby necessities with my bro and sis in law. Gosh, I didnt know that babies nowadays are so privileged! They have many new inventions which I dont think we'd used it decade ago. Privileged modern babies haha. In the evening, went to my mom's friend's daughter's wedding. Lol that sounds long-winded haha. Bleh I'm nt really interested to go actually, I just wanted to see the wedding tradition again haha, its been a long time you see. Late at night, we'd our 4h Karaoke hahaha! Family reunion again :) The best damn thing was, My Grandma could sing so well :D Just like the title of this post, she sang best at You Raise Me Up song :) I was reminded of Choir piece when singing it haha. Thanks to the Jaiho song by Pussycat dolls, i'm still Jaiho-ing now hahahha. Freaky funny and memorable night. We youngsters sang the modern songs while the older generation sang some Indo and old English songs haha. :) Homed at 2.30 am 0.o

Then i was awaken at 7.30am as my uncle wants Jo, Banana and I especially to visit my Grandpa's cemetry before his flight in the night. Yeah, zombie walking lol but I slept in the car haha. A long time too since I last went there. We prayed for his well-being in Heaven and to overlook our family and Grandma :)

Then in the evening my second bro and I went to Church together for mass. Humpfh couldnt go with the other family members since they had different activities at different timings. Bleh, we actually halfway dozing off during the homily time :P hahaha oops. I like the Children Choir, so cute haha. Maybe Sg should have some Children Choir singing at mass haha. Now, i'm just back from movie, the Ninja Assassin haha! Now i know why it is rated NC16 in Sg, damn bloody lol. Looking forward for better movies in December haha.