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It could be just an excuse.
Dec 14, 2009 @ 12:00:00 AM

Back blogging again :) Perhaps just want to post smth about yesterday and today. Ytdy night I went to La Piazza just to chill out by hearing the band. Not the sch band that you might be thinking, just a group of musicians coming together and performed. My bro told me we could request songs, so I suddenly thought of It's Over by Jesse McCartney. Die die wanted to get the song performed by them, so I approached the person IC and wrote the title down. Dk what makes me want to listen to it, humpfh :/ Some requested songs were performed like, Always be my baby, Hush Hush.. and some Indo songs. They sounded really good, the man and all the 3 lady singers. About an hour or so I waited for my requested song to be performed, but they didnt -,- Then i was informed by my bro that either they didn't know the song or they didnt have enough time to continue performing. Huamm, i guess Sg era and Indo era are different for their songs. Even the English songs playing on the radio here are not the latest English songs I used to listen in Sg. Well, got to accept that haha.

The good thing about today was the little family BBQ over at my aunty's house. Not for any occassion though, just a gathering I guess. Haha the BBQ pit wasnt the gigantic one that you might be thinking either, just a simple circular kind thats big enough for loads of food to be barbecued. During the BBQ time, my bro taught me how to play guitar lol! Actually last time he arldy did, but I've forgotten all the chords. So he taught me the basic ones again like chord C, E, A. Unfortunately, the born-to-be-short-fingered of mine cant reach the strings properly, so it sounded squeaky haha! I'd always wanted to explore the world of Piano and Guitar, but it seems impossible now :/ Wait till I have much much free and luxurious time in the future and I'll get a good tutor for me to play classical songs yeah ;)

Btw, Choir camp is coming! Wishing here that I could join them :O Heard that they'll be performing and having BBQ as one of the item also. Urgh :x Nonetheless, have fun guys! :)

Just a song to share with you all in your free time:

Letting go is never easy. But to live a life, got to learn to let go. Only then can your heart opens up for another miracle. Hanya kalau aku mampu.