That explains why she is an October 9 baby. Lia for short. Limegreen never fails to make her day brighter, as bright as classic colours do. Choirs have painted her life more vibrantly. Not a person based on the first impression haha! Nothing much. She's just another secondary school kid. Facebook. Enjoy your stay here :)

Welcome to a Multilingual blog! :)

Happy Birthday Laurentius Michael <3
Dec 23, 2009 @ 12:28:00 AM

Happy 23rd Birthday Laurentius Michael<3 aka Mekong!!

Wish you a good health(faster recover from the fall haha), career, love life and God Bless You always bro! Thanks for the advices you've given me and have been a good listener all this while. I'm proud to have a brother like you haha, though you are so imbalance with maturity and childishness at times :P I'm not so good in expressing with words, I hope the surprises today had made your day :D Haha I believe actions speak louder than words right ;)

I also want to wish my dearest mom a Happy Mothers' Day!
Forgive me if I'd made you upset sometimes. Thanks for being the mom that always exist in times needed. I love you Mommy <3

Like mentioned above, today is both my 2nd bro's Birthday as well as Mothers' Day in Indo. Haha I surprised Mekong with his fav blackforest cake. Oh if you are wondering why his nickname is Mekong, I'll tell you personally :p So some of his friends and us the family celebrated his bday at his fav hang-out place, Ban'd'Hot. Wkwkwk we laughed like real mad, thanks to one of his friend who laughed like Doraemon :D Really funnyyy hahaha.

We love you bro! hahaha. :B