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A Sunshine Day
Oct 16, 2009 @ 3:13:00 PM

Today's weather is better than yesterday's. Though it was raining in the morning, but the sun shone afterward. Haha and today is a fun day too. Let me share some below.

Prefect Meeting- Mr Liu and Mr Lim addressed us regarding moving toward a Great School. Nah, it was more like an open discussion. It was interesting, I learnt many things, but I wont type out all, is all written on the paper haha. Joseph managed to voice out about bonding but Waqiu had already taken the chance, so yeahh haha. Yeah i think its true that we need to be more bonded, then we can work together as family and not separated individuals in moving towards a Great School.

After that, Edwin, Wanjun, Joseph and I went to Lot 1 and had our late breakfast. Lynette supposed to join but she had meeting with Yuensiong, so she couldnt. Intended to eat prata @ Alif, but Edwin said it was too oily haha. He's so health-conscious. Then we went to the 'Holy Light' place, as described by Wanjun and Edwin, haha but the holy light wasnt really there cos it was still pretty early. In the end we still ordered Prata, Edwin too (though earlier on he said it was too oily haha). After that, we shared another plate of paper prata of Chocolate and Strawberry. Haha okayy, Edwin took some of its photos and maybe i can upload them next time. After the meal, we chatted for quite a lot of things. Haha we were all like chatterbox, fun :)

Homed. Proud to say that I'd just cleaned my shelf, hahaha you wont want to imagine how much unused stuff i've thrown today. All were almost like rotten and dusty.. Now i find my study table and shelf more refreshing. Haha maybe going to Ikea for some room decorations is a good idea. Wait till holiday really starts bah haha. And now i'm still waiting for mysoju to buffer. Nah, in fact it hasnt been buffering. Mysoju is cheapo at times >< But i couldnt watch at Youtube either cos i dont understand what they are talking, unlike Mysoju with subtitles. Ahh my queen drama is half way gonee.. Alright, I shall end here todayy :)