That explains why she is an October 9 baby. Lia for short. Limegreen never fails to make her day brighter, as bright as classic colours do. Choirs have painted her life more vibrantly. Not a person based on the first impression haha! Nothing much. She's just another secondary school kid. Facebook. Enjoy your stay here :)

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Finally.... I'm back!
Jul 15, 2009 @ 8:11:00 PM

I'm sooorrrryyyyy for letting my blog dead for about 2 weeks. After the quarantine, my school days are back to normal, and for the first 2 weeks was like the "settling down" time for me. Haha that sounds ridiculous. Many things happened lately. From the death of Michael Jackson(The King of Pop) till personal problems or even classmates' problems. School projects had also started already. Currently the major one is DnT Bridge making, which sounds so wowwww to me. I'll be very very very over the moon when my bridge is done by the end of this semester with Afiqah^^ Hope for the best for that one.

Today's Eng Group presentation about Everyday Community Hero is done, and so the Essay. So off that from my tick list. (Haha!) After school I went to Cuiting's hse to help her along with the Teachers' day brochure about performing for the teachers. So any of you interested, can ask me personally :D Not only that, I discovered or should I say learn a lot in her house. Not learning about her furniture in the house or whatsoever you can think of. Its far more serious than that, its about my classmate whose name I don't want to write out here.. Be strong yeah!^^ We all are supporting you from behind here. I hope that the problem won't repeat again, and may we all can learn something from this incident.

My ear piece is spoilt ): Urgh.
And again this aura comes back to me!! The aura of "dont know what else to post whenever i'm typing here!!><" I had dozens inspirations to post about when i'm not in front of laptop, but I guess all had been sucked up D: Be it then, I'll end it here.

Today is the 15th July.