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Jakarta, i'm coming! :)
Jun 13, 2009 @ 8:57:00 AM

Whee~ Finally the day comes, Jakarta, i'm coming! :) I'm feeling excited haha, no i guess i was and am feeling excited, yesterday night i had a slight insomnia and kept imagining random stuffs i could do in Jakarta~ My flight is scheduled at 3.40 pm later, and i'm leaving house at 12.15pm haha, so kiasu right! Anw, besides my auntie, Elaine and Sandy are going to accompany me to Changi as well, so sweet of them :) After which, they'll study there as well, whoo. Sandy, do prepare tissues yeah? Haha in case you cry again like last year!:p This will be a short update only haha. I'll try to update in Jakarta (if i have time) hehe. Alright, i'm going to do last pack-ups :D
-->Schedules packed in Jakarta~ ;)

Kmrn ini sempet ngobrol2 sma Udnhz and Dino apa mreka bisa ikut ke Grandi jg hehe. Hmm mgkn rame yg bakal ikut, kira2 brp mobil nih yg bkl dipake? wkwk. Wah, akirnya lil' reuni sama anak2 Yakob and bbrapa lainnya is around the corner~

Why do you only exist in my dreams?
Sometimes i conclude you are only a dream-boy.
I had removed you from my mind and heart,
But you never fail to enter my thoughts again and again.
Then, why am i so invisible?
I'm going to miss you.