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Its getting interesting ;D
Jun 21, 2009 @ 6:19:00 PM

Whatssupp??! Haha alright, thats sounds rocky, but i'll be draggy today.Why? Well cos' i'll be typing out what'd happened/ what I'd enjoyed for the past week. Dozens of things happened haha, and for each day's activities i'll try to insert photos as well ;D Well... my holiday is ending next week 28th June and sch reopens on the 29th!. Anyone has the class timetable already?

21 June'09:(today)
Visited my grandma from my father's side and ate at Bakmi GM. If you're wondering what it is, its like one among the top noodle restaurant in Jakarta and i had my Yi Fu Mee lol. Delicious ~ plus the 'wanton' is really thumbs up! Am i making you hungry? 0.o And i've watched the Street Fighter today hehe~ Chun-Li is really cool!! How i wish my father joined dangerous corporation or smth that would engage me when i've grown up, then life would be so much more adventurous that way isn't it?

20 June'o9:
Bought my luggage(finally!) in the morning and went to Mangga Dua again for some clothes shopping! Its seriously similar to Bugis, but bigger and you can really bargain the price!! Its funny when i saw my mom bargained haha, got to learn from her ;D At night intended to watch Street Fighter at Mall Kelapa Gading(MKG) but the crap hell was there was virus that caused hang-ness(lol) in their computers, so we couldn't watch ): The queue was so snaky and i bet those costumers are disappointed with the service, at least they could have a manual work out in case this kinda of thing happened right? Lol so we ate at Pizza Hut and we didn't order much(haha, its actually already a lot!), i had my Italian Sausage Cheese i don't know whats the name-.- but its pasta.. Plus, the pizza in the advertisement, with Nugget as the side topping something like that. I bet you, Pizza Huts in Indonesia are more creative than those of Singapore's lol. But its true you see.. they really have variety of toppings blahblah.. After that, went to Nav Karaoke but it was full otherwise we'd to wait till 1.30am (Lol who would want to wait?!) So we went to Inul(famous Indonesian pendangut) something Karaoke and had to wait for 30 min (at least its better), lol but i dozed off while waiting-.- I wore class tee there ley haha cos' the material of the class tee really makes me just want to wear it again and again! Reached home around 1.30am lol and i'm still sleepy now..

19th June'09:
The highlight of the day was.. I cooked SUSHI! Hehe :p My brothers said i could be their lil' chef while i'm here~ And i'll cook my Spaghetti and Pasta either tmr or Tuesday~~ Scroll down some more to see my chiffon chocolate cake!:D

18th June'09:
Accompany my first brother to Cibubur and Bogor for his work smth like that and i really enjoyed the day. Literally, Cibubur and Bogor are cities of you don't know ;)
I love kids, and you'll see later why. The photo of a kid you gonna see below resembles someone when he was young, and damn look alike. Well his name is Michael(same as my 2nd bro!) and he is the son of my brother's friend ;D Also, there's a similar $1 ice-cream like in Singapore in Bogor lol, its name is Ice Doto haha. You can have 2 flavours mixed at one go :D and i had Chocolate and Durian :) (Jealous?:p)

17th June'o9:
I baked Chocolate Chiffon cake with Cheese topping haha. Its instant.. so i just bought the package, add melted margarine and 6 eggs and there you go with the Chiffon cake. Initially i wanted to bake muffin, but the recipe is in Singapore(too lazy to find it online-.-) so i just baked something simple~ Baking <3>

16th June'09:
Finally i fulfilled my wish to go to Ropita(Roti Pisang Tape) karna gw dulu nanya Udin apa sih Ropita dan ternyata 'restoran' tersebut memang memuaskan dgn harga yg lumyn affordable dan juga makanan yg thumbs up ;D I had my Roti Amburadul. When i first looked at the menu, i was also stunned at its name.. What is Roti Amburadul? Basically Roti is bread and Amburadul means mix with everything lol.. its literallt mixed flavours haha. And the drink was Avocado juice~~ (Avocado is popular in Indonesia rememeber? I learnt tht in HE last year lol lol!! ;) )

15th June'09:
Went to Pekan Raya Jakarta(PRJ) aka Jakarta Fair which is only held in Jakarta once a year in the month of June only. Its been so long since i went to that fair and wow.. amazed haha. They have displays of all the different cultures in Indonesia ;) I had my Kerak Telor(Traditional Batavia food ;D) too ;)

Okay i'm ending this post~ haha pretty long yeah? Like i said i've been enjoying my holiday here hehe. But i didn't manage to go to my primary school reunion ): Well enjoy your holiday too~ I've also watched Night at the Museum2 at MOI(Mall Of Indonesia) haha, but i think the first Night at the museum is much more interesting ;D + Star Trek, this one is really cool, every scene is all about actions! Omg, i guess June movies are great!:D