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I want to finish my hwk asap.
May 31, 2009 @ 10:35:00 PM

Read the title? YES! - I want to finish my hwk asap, c'mon Liaaaaa jiayo jiayo!! Especially English which requires 4tasks to be done lalalala, have to finish them fast so that i can really enjoy my holiday! I feel so high today, don't know why!>< Banana-chocolate chip Muffin for Jovita's belated birthday present *hope she doesn't read this post!*. Sandy will be making pizza (Thanks Lanjia for telling me where to buy the bread of the pizza :D) and Elaine will be baking Fruitmix biscuits :) We went to IMM to get some ingredients and materials needed, and they all cost a huge hole in my pocket ): This is the first time i'm actually making a present instead of just buying it from any gift shop, zomg, my sincerity worths a million for my beloved cousin :) And the total cost of ingredients etc etc sum up more than ordinary present you know :D Plusplus, all these are my ideas haha and i suggested them to Elaine and Sandy!
Credits to Home Econ sec1 & 2 textbooks :) I'll end here today ;)