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Apr 24, 2009 @ 7:54:00 PM

Got miss me anot? Heh.
I've been away for long long long time for SYF dear! And i'm here to announce it out loud in my blog that we've achieved a SILVER bebeh!<3>
Today was the Sec4s pass out..I intended not to cry..but the Beauty Lim's fault luh!! She said about Alto that moved me lots lots and i cried :/ I wonder how Alto gonna be without you and Shujing, but i'll try my best to help Rebekah along. Lets keep this short and sweet;

Sec 4 Seniors, something happens for a reason. I believe there's a reason why you and i are in choir, we were fated to meet and worked together to come up with this SYF result for example. Its grateful to have known each and every of you, thank you for all the contributions you've given to Swiss Choir. I love you guys.
For Shujing and Xiaojun, thanks for being a great SL for Alto. Especially the jokes! I'll always remember you guys <3>

I'll end this post with a few memorable photos ,

Thanks Shujing for your letter!
It really inspires and encourages me.
Forever Cutie Ang.

You and I must make a pact,

we must bring salvation back

Where there is love, Ill be there

Ill reach out my hand to you,

Ill have faith in all you doJust call my name

and Ill be thereIll be there to comfort you,

Build my world of dreams around you,

Im so glad that I found you

Ill be there with a love thats strongIll be your strength,

Ill keep holding onLet me fill your heart with joy and laughter

Togetherness, well thats all Im afterWhenever you need me,

Ill be thereIll be there to protect you,

with an unselfish love that respects youJust call my name and

Ill be thereIf you should ever find someone new,

I know hed better be good to youcause if he doesnt,

Ill be thereDont you know, baby, yeah yeahIll be there,

Ill be there, just call my name,

Ill be there(just look over your shoulders, honey - oo)Ill be there,

Ill be there, whenever you need me, Ill be thereDont you know,

baby, yeah yeahIll be there, Ill be there, just call my name, Ill be there...

Lastly would be this photo which is always the source of encouragement for me.

PS: If you want Mr Wilson's "speech" on our SYF, ask from me personally.. I secretly recorded it :)