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Napfa Test! );
Apr 6, 2009 @ 7:46:00 PM

We had Napfa Test just now..and I must say that im disappointed with some stations especially Standing Broad Jump! >.< anE grade in my Broad Jump, i shall forget getting a silver.. Ohh i seriously hate it! Some of my friends were also unhappy with their points, urgh! If there is really a 2.4km again this Wed, then i make sure i must get <14.21sec so i can at least hope for a silver since gold is totally out of my ability now. At least i tried my best..and im quite satisfied with that. Adding on with the 'complain', my left arm really hurts now, thats because of the inclined pull-up. Truthfully, this is one of my weakest station as well Lol! I bet i did >10 but the SL kept on saying " 5, 5, 5" LOL! Finally Mr Shashi said "6 already luh, dont bully her!" Walao. That SL is really getting on my top :@ And in the end i only counted for 9 pull-ups :O
X country is on this Thur, jiayou people! I'm not an athlete or a good runner, but i'll try my best pushing myself till the finishing line. MacRithie, wait for me!:D
Now i truly understand how it feels.