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Mar 14, 2009 @ 12:18:00 AM

Back from Camp!! 3Days 2Nights passed by so fast! AND AND NOW, i'm left with NO voice! Lol. Sore-throat since first day of camp, but kept on getting worse Sigh. Camp was overall fun..2 Main things that i enjoyed most are the High Elements and the Campfire. True, there was Kayaking, but i find my p6 Kayaking was more fun, hmm maybe because longer time to Kayak. Nonetheless, Kayaking was fine.
Alright, back to the High Elements and Campfire. I tried the "swinging" thingy.. It wasn't as scary as i thought, thought the swings was very unbalanced and kept on moving Lol! Unforgettable memory (: Sadly, didn't get to try Flying Fox and Rock Climbing.. Gave those chances to Group1, nvm though [:
Not just that, i learnt many new learning points from my group mates, their height phoebias and etc. Though they weren't as enthu or cooperative enough, Group London is still fine with me (:
For the Campfire, witnessed many talented people performed. Haha. Talented as in, they looked shy and quiet but actually they aren't and indeed performed very well. High High!
For the cleaning up, we only cleaned the MPH, lucky [: After that, some of us played Concentration Game, not bad.. entertaining enough :D Glen, dont lag so much haha! The food was yummy~ But didn't get to drink as much Milo cos its heaty and Amelia recommended me not to drink it cos it may worsen my sore throat :/
Slept in between Chelsea and Amelia in Hut1 :D Sadly, the lights were spoiled D:
Okay..lets keep this post short and sweet. I WANT MY VOICE BACK :/