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I need Plumber :O
Mar 7, 2009 @ 6:57:00 PM

Finally! Forking out time to blog again. I only have 15 min to blog :O
Sounds as if im super duper busy eh? Haha. I'm not really busy actually, but i need to bathe alr.
Y'know what? My pipe is leaking D: Anyone knows of any plumber around? I need his help asap man! If not then i would be bathing using pail and the "water dipper" from the water that has just leaked from the pipe! Ohh thats disgusting :O You may wonder why the water leaked?
Its because of my cousin, Bernardus. Not exactly his fault luh haha, but he's still blaming himself for it. He was actually washing his sch shoe in another toilet at the Master Bedroom until he heard a loud sound from anothe bathroom, and the water was splashing everywhere! He was all alone at home and i didn't get to see the whole situation. I bet i would be so panick if i were there. But he was just as panick -.- He got himself all wet from head to toe before "turning" off the whole "switch" of water outside the house. The words in apostrophe are words that i only know the translation in Indonesian language, paiseh :x So there was actually holes in the pipe that caused all the water to splash out >.< Bernardus msged me after tuition like as if the whole house is going to be flooded! So i rushed home, thats why i couldn't buy present for Lynette, sorry L.shihui! Gosh...i wanna bathe with clean water (i still dont believe that water from that specific pipe is clean?) Anw, my auntie is fixing it now..When i dialled 100 to get plumbers' number, the HDB person said they could only fix the main pipe -.- while mine is sub pipes. Irritating. Ohkay whatsoever. Wah..i dont believe i just typed the whole post of water leaking?0.o Initially i wanted to blog about Choir one eh. Hmmm. Tune on for the next post then! I'm gonna help to repair the pipe!(: