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Ordinary Sunday!
Jan 4, 2009 @ 2:42:00 PM

Hello Peepos. Felt bored, so decided to post. Hmpfh, whats interesting to post uhh?
Today is just like any ordinary Sunday, went to church with my limped right leg(reason will be expalined later on) so on and so forth. But today is kind of different because i bought my Bible. You may wonder why i only buy Bible now, well because, i'm a neutral Christian hehehe. I saw Mika and his friends, er, his face was injured somehow perhaps he had fight days ago. Went home afterwards..
My uncle moved the TV in Bernardus's room to his room, he said it was because he wanted to start concentrating on his studies. Wew. Its a real pity that his appeal to Swiss Cottage was unsuccessful, if not we can be in the same school and i can look after him easily. Haha. I treat him just like my own brother. Hopefully he can excel in Bukit Batok!:D My uncle also told me that he is buying another desktop, wow thats great news to me, which means we'll have 2desktops, since he doesn't want to throw away this old desktop i'm using right now.So anyone interested on buying desktop, you can contact me :D
First day of school was fine. With new teachers introduced and so on, i guess this sec2 year will be a challenging one and WE gotta work hard people!:D What i worry now is that the first ET/PE lesson where we'll take our height and weight. Gross, i just don't wish to return to taf club. I do 5o sit-ups everyday before i sleep and 2days ago i did 1000skippings(which caused me severe muscle cramp till today -.-) I'm limping now!! My weighing machine is sort, the weight displayed is not accurate. Urgh. I just don't wish to return to taf club.
Tomorrow is great day! Because Edwin Lai, Wanjun and i will be conducting the speed bum game at the Hall! Woots. I'll get the chance to see the sec1s. YAY. I finished reading the unit1 of Geog, ohh i guess Geog this year will be more interesting! I'll end here people!:D