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Awesome concert<3
Nov 15, 2008 @ 1:28:00 PM

AWESOME CONCERT! Omg. Everyone went high as soon as the concert ended:D

and it was really touching man! Although Tuesday Mr Wilson almost blew his top because we weren't ready for the concert BUT we made it yesterday! haha. Well, i must admit we aren't as good as Damai, but from the perspective of being smaller in the number of people, i think we had done a pretty good job(: argh, this keyboard is so noob.it is lagging or perhaps its really slow in connecting, so i cn only post what i remember and the most important ones today): Btw, i almost teared durin Thursday's rehearsal when we sang Langdans and we held each other hands )': Small group of people united as one, wah i can even feel the warmth of our unitiness(is there such word?-.-) haha. And Yesterday during You Raise Me Up song, Ashraf said i have a nice voice.LOL. Touched,wkwk. eh i dn like him hoh, is just fun making friends(: whatever-.- SUPER DUPER HAPPY PEEPOS! <3