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Sep 9, 2008 @ 2:22:00 PM

wah..i'm really lazy to update this blog.
haha.maybe closing down this blog soon.
nono..i can't.this blog is full of memory(:
what am i talking? argh, nvm.
ohkey, good news comess..im out of Taf program.hahas.
i thought i still had a few kg more to go?gagagags.
i must balance my diet alr(:
i dont want to return to Tag again, no way!
really happy that we've gotten the CLASS TEE~
omg.is so Chio.and the colour is Limegreen its soo nice ♥
haahas.thx to those who'd contributed much efforts in it(:
arigato! now can strike off classtee at my wishlist alr:D
but my name is printed Oc.Lia .hahas.
i did tell Sandra that i want an extra T after the Oc.
But i told her quite late..so maybe that why is printed that way.
and is FBT brand:D cool lar!
so we shall wear it on Fri and on next Mon as a class?
CME presentation..was so unprepared? gagags.
and we have to make the product and present it next week? lol.
further more, there's this Lit drama project coming up.
and we only have a week to do it.
got to make the script and props?haish.
exam coming alr, why are there still so many projects ?
aren't we suppose to prioritize our studies ?
okey,i shan't complain.zip my mouth ._.
science was so entertaining and i got irritated too.
hahas. not entertained by the lessons but is cos i laughed lots.
Mr Damian accidentally placed his hand on the DUCK then me and
rooster laughed.so cute lahs.and he didn't realize it? gaggags.
Rooster was irritating can? wakakakak.
she kept pushing my waterbottle off the table and dropped 2times.
actually it should have dropped more than that but my defending skill
was good enough,haha :D
there was mainly presentations during English.
got kinda bored so rooster drew on my diary and i browsed hers :x
stayed back a while to fix the group for Lit(:
so my group has 6people:D