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Aug 28, 2008 @ 3:16:00 PM

Next week is holiday!
But holiday doesn't seem like holiday, so many assignments and projects >.<
Ya i know, have to prepare for SA2, but we need slacking time too(:
Tmr is teachers' day(:
I'm going back to Dazhong! Dazhongnians, do remember to present urselves!
Maybe its going to be a short post today..
I shall excuse myself from this blog until SA2 ends, but i'll still blog random stuffs(:
Went to Lot1 wtih CuiTing,JingCi,JieLing,Nicole and MinJin..
But headed to Alif to eat roti prata first before going Lot1.
JingCi sent me kawai pics, i love them! Thx JingCi!
(psps,i still cnt download the theme-,- ; still got the painting thing)
im nooobbbie larhx.
Proceeded to pasar malam first, and CuiTing managed to find the gifts for teachers' day there, i still couldn't find the suitable ones.____. except for 1 gift(shan't tell for who)
So moved on to Lot1 mall..
And found the wanted gifts for the teachers(:
hahas.so i bought the wrapping paper too, since the shop didn't provide wrapping service._.
Then, we went to Popular, i bought refill for correction tape and Post-it..
JieLing bought some things too(: thx for the discount card wor!
Then home sweet home...
Coincidently, i saw Syafiqah in the CCK mrt, so went home tgthr with her(:
She bought gift for her form teacher too..
The moment i reached home, i just realized that my wrappin paper was not there!
i was finding it like crazy..where could i misplace it ?
LOLS >,< and i just remember that i didn't actually see the wrapping paper ever since i
purchased the gifts!wth.panicked..so bad luck._.
Luckily laopo was at Westmall, so i askd her to buy a wrapping paper for me..

LorMaiKai was delicious, but i think mine is not as tasty as Jingci's and Rooster's.
Theirs are really tasty(:
And we finished them up during recess(:
skipped to EL..
went through Oral skills.
I guess i'd better score well in Oral in order to pull up my marks.(since my written papers aren't so good)
Since i'm talkative at times, it wouldn't be a great problem, maybe just have to be carefull in structuring the sentences..
Shall end here..

ps : it's a pretty long post(: