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Aug 25, 2008 @ 1:13:00 PM

The weather is really cooling.
I love rain ♥
A rainy day may not always pleasant, but it does give a great relief from the oppressive heat of sun.
LOLS. I memorized that line for the compo test(: Talking about compo test, i find it quite challenging. I wrote about Q5, and maybe because there was insufficient time to plan, so i just wrote the common events. I'm worried that my points may be irrelevant because i talked more about the events that happened to the wheelchair-bound girl and not much of what she did that changed my life! Argh. God Bless Me. I was exceeding 400 words, haha, maybe 500+words. Really worried now :( i don't want to fail my EL again! And i hope that compo marks will help me along.

Reached school quite late due to my laziness of waking up when the weather is really suitable for sleeping. Who doesn't ? haha. Read up CuiTing's compo notes, and i lend from here cos i was deciding to collect more of those notes(: No prefect duty today! Ohyah,i hadn't buy the notebook to write down the latecomers names.__.
Maths..We gotten back the Maths test result.
I got an unexpected 27..LOLS! Must continue to work hard! :D
Rooster was poking me cos i got higher than her-,-
'cos that day she was illed,so maybe she wasn't really in good condition for the test.

PE! It was fun,it had always been fun since Mr Sashi took over.
Did the steps for dno what exercise on this Fri ?
hahahaha(; i suck at the rolling part! wkwkwk.
lets resumed to Literature.
Went through the concepts for SA2 Literature test...
And did some group work..
Continued with EL compo test, as mentioned above..
Dumbfounded when CuiTing told me that she wrote about me..
LOLS! If she wins this competition, that means my name will be published in next year's slices of life..wah,that's cool!

I'm currently checking the time for my flight in October.
haish..It would be a great experience to 'celebrate' your birthday in plane ;D
And is straight away after SA2,last day of exam!

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