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Aug 15, 2008 @ 6:55:00 PM

This blog is half-dead.
This week,next,and the next 2 weeks are nightmares.
Soooo packed up!
Man,can't take this anymore.
I need a rest too :x
there are 4tests next week.
*woots* is fated to be this way.
wkwkwk,nvm,just be optimistic yeah ?

So,today is Kimberly's birthday x)
Oh babe,
how can i ever forget your birthday ?
So i messaged her in the morning.
And got a reply that she isn't satisfied with
her life there .
LOLS.life goes on,and you still have to
continue your journey..
But rest assured,we all will always be here for you (:
Me,Natasha,Syafiqah,Elaine,whoevers lah ehk.
And,for me,you are always my little chatterbox.
Still rember days we spent singing "My love" by Westlife at the back
of the classroom when teacher was teaching ?
wkwkwk,i can nvr forget that ?
Look on the brighter side of life ohkey(:
once again,HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY !

We had science test just now.
oh crap,there were some MCQs i wasn't sure of :(
And MT,had to redo the whole project..
LOLS.it's so troubbllllessssooommmmme.
Lets skip to Choir.
Ran around school.I had a very bad stitch >.<
Kinda sleepy at the beginning but started to
concentrate better aft the Break.
CuiTing somehow hurt her leg,maybe it was due to the
coldness..(sometimes the AVA1 air-con can be very unbearable)
When people askd her how was her eyes red,i kept on saying
she has flu....wkwkwk!Jo said she was ditched -.- LOLS.
And MsLim came in and told us about the upcoming concert.
She also mentioned if we all do well in the SYF,probably we all as a
Choir can go overseas.Well,SouthEast Asia ?
She mentioned Europe too,perhaps it would be on the end of the 2009's year,
but is all dependent of our SYF's result :x
So,Choir, we must push ourselves ohkey.
Especially Alto x)
ohkey lah,this post is long enough alr.