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Aug 7, 2008 @ 4:11:00 PM

Realized that i am the driver of my own life.
I can't control the impossibles.
But i am capable of controlling the things that happen to me.
I can choose to be proactive or reactive.
Its easy to be reactive, but your life wouldn't be perfect.
Well, no one's life is perfect but being a proactive is always better.

Chim right ?
hahas ;X The 7Habits of highly effective teens book is really good to read.
no wonder it is a bestseller national ;D
It helps develop your maturity !
And i'm practicing to be a proactive.
Starts with 20/100 and improve it day by day.
I'll think before i act,the consequences.

Ohkey,basically school was fine C:
Banana-walnut-muffin was so much loved ♥
They taste real great, though i was worried at first
cox when i mixed the milk into th flour, it turned out
to be clump.
is ohkey, my first trial ;)
Gotten back Science test.
Glad to get 19/20, but it is still insufficient to cover up
my previous Science test marks.
I did badly for the first one, pathetic 16.5/30 ?
>.< I'll work harder for the upcoming one.
1e4, show that we can do it ;D

EL remedial.
Pretty fine.
I feel that the supplementary is really helping me
along with my EL standard.
We are mainly focusing on Summary now.
And i hope I would do an outstanding marks.
Who would want to be down to N(A) cos u failed ur EL ?
Neither do i.

Amelia,thx for the book you lent me.
(I didn't ask frm her and she lent 'em to me :D )
I'll try to return to you ASAP x)

I'll be going back to Jakarta on the 11th October
and returning on the 19th October.
My eldest brother is getting married on th 18th.
Which means when he has offspring,i'm an auntie ?(i'm thinking too much)
I'm not so old la ;X
But,in fact im called Mother and worse, some addressed me as
LaoMa at class x) wkwkwk!
Means that i'll miss a week of school aft the exam.
And will only be down for anthr week before December Holiday.
Wow. Really great.Unfortunately, i'm missing 2Choir sessions :/
My birthday falls on Oral day for both languages, oh really pathetic.
Hoping that the conversation would be about birthday ;)
I'm really looking forward for those days to come!