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Aug 11, 2008 @ 1:19:00 PM

When i ask you to listen to me
and you start giving me advice,
you have not done what i asked.
When i ask you to listen to me
and you begin to tell me why
I shouldn't feel the way,
you are trampling on my feelings.
When i ask you to listen to me
and you feel you have to do something
to solve my problem,
you have failed me,
strange as that may seem.
Listen! All i ask is that you listen.
Don't talk or do-just hear me.

Realized that i've not insert my wishlist in this blog..
woots*,ohkey,i shall add it up later.
Back to school tmr.
well,i MISSSSSSSS school truckloads :X
Summary test tmr ?
what to study aytez ? i guess im reading some stuff about it later ba.
Lets start talking from yesterday's events.
Went to church in the morning,Elaine joined me.
LOLS,didn't see *that person*,maybe cos Elaine came
so *that person* dared not to come .______.
I looked at Elaine :
me : what ?
Elaine : here got many shuai-ges lehx,not bad.
me : LOLS ! (i thought i told you alr ?)
Stayed under my block for awhile since it was raining
and Darl was having headache.
Got a sms frm Sandy inviting us to acc.her to Westmall.
LOL ? ohkey,i joined.
Window-shopped awhile,and print photos.
Aft that acc darl to meet Xavier.
wtf, i hate him man!
the son of loanshark&kena expelled frm school.
Meet darl a while,less than a minute i bet
(cos i timed them) and went off.
Me & Sandy kept on complaining."Waste my ez-link fare,energy,time"
Really frustated lahx.
His eyes are sooo small,not even a single eye-lid i think.
Kena boxed by people,wkwkwk!
Idiot -.-''
talking about him just driving me mad.
Shall stop here .___.