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Aug 18, 2008 @ 5:25:00 PM

Malay blog is done !
Cheers <3 Ungu songs are loved ! ♥
Hmpfh,started the day with Prefect "meeting".
Didn't have duty today :D
And went to accompany Wanjun with her duty(:
Continued with Maths test..
Hmpfh,the paper was ohkey,but found out that last Q the C was quite
challenging. And i think i gonna get it wrong:(
the best PE ever lurh !
Played Captain ball !I miss playing Captain ball badly:(
I need to GROW TALLER.Missed th ball a number of times,
cos im not TALL enough. >.<
Demand for more Captain ball games!

Lets straight away proceed to EL.
OhWell,Compre test.
First Q was difficult!Hope i PASS ohkey! (:
After school !
Chatted a while with Syafiqah&Afiqah in the canteen.
And proceeded with Malay remedial.
It was mainly making the blog.
Though there aren't still post,but it will be updated soon x)
Accompanied by Syafiqah home,thx!

4tests;2 down;
2 more to go!
OhShyt,i dont have drawing block for tmr's Art CA .____.
surely many ppl won't bring also :X
and last test,Formal/Informal test!
yeah,have to memorize the format later on ;D

Btw,Rhia(twwwiiiiinniiiieee),im so obsessed with the song luh!
Thx twinnie!
Signing off! Sayonara!