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Aug 21, 2008 @ 5:27:00 PM

i'm finally blogging again ;D
back frm LanJia's house;
baked cupcakes.Oh they were delicious lar!
and took some pics with Jc,Rooster,Mj and Lj :D
I went home earliest lehx.Intended to do History hwk once
i reached home, but the Q was kinda difficult, so i'm nt really sure.
Got back Science test and HE test.
Pathetic 10/20 for science test -.-
The MCQs were really challenging.many failures :(
argh.i hope there is 3rd test!
HE test result was quite satisfying,i've got 17.5/20.
and next week is last prac of LorMaiKai x)
But sad too cos is gonna be the last prac ._____.
OhNo.there is Choir tmr and Com member said have to run.
I've got extra 1round cos of my purple hair clip -.-
And there are gonna be 3tests next week!
>.<'' lets study people!
lets make this post short and sweet ~