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Don't leave me behind.
Aug 2, 2008 @ 5:56:00 PM

Ohkey, this lyric is officially the lyric for the clazyiess band.
We name ourselves the clazyiess bcos we are Clazy and lazy.
and finally we came up with this lyrics aft sooo many ammendments.
Credit to 4 of us ;D

My heart is falling apart
when you say you want to leave me
I've tried my best to hold you back
But you kept avoiding me

I've tried many ways
And wait for you day after day
I've come this far
But you're still away

Why did you do this to me ?
If only you understand how i feel
I'm loving like i've never loved before
Everyday i'm loving you more and more
Let me stay right beside you
To protect and to love you
And all i want to say
Just don't leave me behind

I'm filled with jealousy
When i see you with him
I've done my best but what went wrong
oh please stay with me

(back to *)


oh baby,
i love you
for eternity
For now,
Just forget about the past;
our memories will last..

back to Chorus..

Sweet lyrics ;D
you may be asking why issit HIM instead of her.
Well,its too common in stories when guys are two-timing.
So we changed the storyline a little by replacing it with HIM,to show
that actually some guys are faithful ;D
But i still prefer Amirah's and Rachel's group.
Theirs are about friendship.
Amirah's song title is Do you remember ?
And Rachel's rainbow..
Whee~~ No regrets choosing Songwriting for th enrichment x)
in 2 weeks time is th recording at Orchard Road,scary!
Wish us the best luck x)