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Jul 14, 2008 @ 3:35:00 PM

Im reliving blog.
it looked so dead.
Generally school was fine .
Went high early in th morning with SB during Maths.
She was a sotong lahhx.
I laughed till my throat pain lahs.
Not to blame her for that, but since 2 days ago,its alrd painful.
Thank God yesterday's Choir Concert was successful.
Though i think that th FLYING FREE wasn't really nice.
skip skip.........
Comprehension test ?
I prayed hard so that th paper wouldn't be sooo tough.
Thankful it wasn't really as hard as i imagined,
now need to cross-finger for th results.
I'm always fearful about Comprehension :/
oh yeah ?
tmr take Sports Game prize ?
I DON'T WANT go up th stage !!
k, so nominate Cheng Feng for th Head Prefects' .
and im wondering if i could possibly be good prefect ?
I'm imagining that i would be very busy and probably won't have much
time to play anymore :D
oh my teenage-hood..
ohkey,enough for th updates :D