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Jun 1, 2008 @ 10:21:00 AM

Yo !
finally im back to blogging.
i MISS blogging truck loads lahh.
& now im so stress up with hwks.
:P i shld be enjoying holiday here,but instead im loaded with hwks.
RAW !!
but at least i have so mucchhh fun here :D
2 days ago played bowling.
ohhey,kinda have to admit that im lousy at it,but i made improvement on th 2nd game :D
from 54 to 64 :D
but im still losing to my first bro,he is bowling maniac :D
he improved frm 79 to 90 .boooo!
yesterday went to DUFAN = Fantasy World in English.
OMG,it was extremely nice lahh.
esp th tornado..

imagine you are sitting there & th tornado just twirl around.
i got dizzy sitting on it.
still have so much stories to blog,but i guess i have to stop now :D