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Jun 26, 2008 @ 2:05:00 PM

Finally back to blogging.
May not blog so often nowadays,im equipped with school activities(so busy ah ?)
[wat th hell am i trying to say ?!]

Wah, it seems so different to sit on new tools and using new tables in class ehk.
yah, semester 2 has begin.
School has been okey lately,haha.
And there'll be more staying-backs cos of many activities or what so ever.
I really have to work hard for SA2,at least hit my target.
Its kinda a late congrats for those who managed to be the tops in th class :D

Yeah ! Home-Econ has finally started.
6 Months of waiting :/
can't wait to bake cake :D
patissier ! thats wat i wanna be :D

Suddenly i miss the Holiday ag3n,wkwkwk.
Though it just ended not long ago.
But Holiday in Jakarta really rocks lah :D
can't wait for December holiday now :D
hahaha,im imagining too much ..

Today ?
School as per normal .
Started with MT,and Mdm Zelda wasn't around ag3n,so we
joined th Tamil class,don't really like it lah.
not being a racist, but just don't like studying in Library and most of us were like
crapping around ?! haha .
So i wrote appeal letter so that i cn join Conversational Chinese.
10 reasons to improve my EL and why i want to join it.
I hope she'll approve me to join it.
really wanna study Chinese ag3n cn ?!
ah....wat else shall i post ?
have to do th History task.
so end here for today :D