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Jun 4, 2008 @ 11:53:00 AM

Feel so great today :p
lols.Michael(2nd bro) didn't go UNI today.
so we stayed at home..He's a lazy Bum.. 0.o seriously..
so shall blog quite a lot today, since im so HYPER :D
on last Friday went to St.Jacob pri Schl ( my ex school )
ohkey,the building has been renovated and it looks jus like a hotel.
i s'pose much nicer than last time..

and they also changed th school logo alr...
i went there to meet th teacher in charge of Baptism.
Jovita lost her certificate during th flood last time so have to re-new.
Met some "recognised-teachers" ,though they didn't regonise me -.- chatted with them for a while.
The interior of the building also changed..
lols,suddenly feel like schooling here ag3n (jus kidding)
I miss my friends there alr,can't bear to leave them longer than 21June.
Thx lots Josephine for helping me on th converting my Malay Sajak frm 2007 Microsoft word to th 2003 one.I finally can do my project alr :D
ohkey lah i have to stop here today alr,cos have to got now..