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May 9, 2008 @ 3:45:00 PM

im SUPERB happy lahh.
can't believe MYE is coming OVER !
relieved .
no more stress alrd.
eh still have, taking result times.
I'll bite my nail on that day :D
Art was okey, i was speeding like mad, but in th end i finished before time-,-
nth to do alrd, touched up here & there . Draw fish everywhere -.-
i very boliao one.
Glen finished lyk 1h before th paper finished,wah he pro nia*
Then proceeded with CIP.
Grouped with Afiqah, JingCi , SimShiHui & myself :D
we had so much funnnnnnnn.
Tho there were some unfriendly residents -,-
JingCi was soooo HYPER , she cute lahh .
Her & SimShiHui's flowers brought us luck :D
Then we do finish block 304 , went to where MsRina waited for us :D
She told us to continue giving fliers in block 305 .
Then we go lohhh...
we really had great time :p
I couldn't find Nurul's hse though, forget alrd -.-
Then slack at mama shop ;D
Discuss about th outing on Monday.
I Can't wait.
IceSkating we go SnowCity
oh yesh , play Water games aft that :D
i'll broke tho.
I need save money lahhh .. gimmmee $$$$$$$$
im money-minded , hee :D
Then played basket ball @ 303.
Oke i got heat stroke -.-
Th weather was supppperrrbb hot .. Stop th GlobalWarming cn ?
im dying alrdy :[
alrdy th Myanmar got natural disaster that killed 50% of th Capital's polpulation,
what else ?
ChingLe & Glen were PRO lahh.
They shot always goal one -.-
im jealous ..
then JunKai's & his GAY friends came & joined us.
Oh they were really like Gayyy -,-
Play;Play;Play . teach SiewBoon BB alrd .
oh, i did my promise :D
wahha :D