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May 17, 2008 @ 4:02:00 PM

My skin is under construction, probably tmr i'll have time mending it.
Th previous skin's HTML was lost -.-
I forgot to make a harcopy of it -.- haish,and some of the new relinks are probably gone as well
-.- btw,thx Sandra :D
yesh..imso eager to work later :D my first time working ehk :D
nt a high salary but at least,i'll have a new experience :D ..
SA 1 results weren't so bad.. except for EL.
yes that EL made me mad ... Pray hard that i won't drop to N(A) next year.
i seriously need to mug for EL. ^^^^
5 A1s won't help if i fail my EL -.-
I bought presents for JieLing & LanJia alr :D
they're gonna be 13 soon,teens i s'pose :D
March-May birthday celebration is coming,erm . I guess i need ideas of wat cake flavours to buy..
Time is moving too fast that only -2weeks more im flying back to Jakarta.
uh,i can't wait for that day :D
& cos i fail my EL,i'll ba having private EL tuition there,wth lahhh.-.-
Im so happy that at least,i've found 3books for th sajak, i'll be typing them tmr,and prepare th file in Jakarta . it would be sooo great if there is library in Jakarta,like Singapore does -.- so i dn need to rush now.
erm ohkey,i think i shall end here today :D