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May 2, 2008 @ 12:13:00 PM

ARGHH . I pass FAIL my GEOG lahh.
it was difficult lahh.Im jus hoping for th best .
Im sleeppy ,i wanna doze offf cos of that Geog MYE i bu shuang le -.-
I go Jurong Library better .
act guai kia study there but actually chatzzz. i love slacking :D
I wanna play basketball liao -.- but MYE haven over .
I SHALL CELEBRATE th day aft exam .
buy myself a chocolate-.- oke i noe im LAMED .
can't help it.

Im so FREAKK out wanna sleep.
eh yah . IceSkating would be soo fun.I WILL for sure fall ag3n, is great to fall on thICE .
i CAN'T wait.

im so happy Jo & her darl patch back liao.
thx to me lahh,haha kidding.
BUT i got help them along to patch back hoh .

you made me feel as though i had left you.
im sorry for what i had done earlier on.
But i now i realized it, that i Love you.
You're revenging one me huh ?
Ass you.
Seriously,you pollute my mind alr !