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May 7, 2008 @ 11:01:00 AM

2 more papers to go .
phew~~ exam is really stressing
i nid a break soon !
im so Happy ! Monday go IceSkate.
OMG< IceSkate ag3n! it'll be great :D i can't wait to trip & fall -.- I lose 3 MARKS for th Maths paper 1 liao. I hope there'll be METHOD marks.
arggh ,, paper 2 confirm more difficult.
OH shit -.- my Calculator with Xuen En.
lols.Nvm, i take Jovita's calculator , more Chio , WHITE colour :D
Gerrr... i forgot to sign the form for th Recycling thingy.
so many FORMS .
Choir : Cedar Girls & [dno e other 1 -.-] , Photography , &Recycling .
Yesterday fo Mac with th CLe3W Se7en .
With WangKang too .
ya, he was EXTRA.
they all stole each other's things, haha, Jovita's $50 was taken by Wangkang.
Can't believe he's 17 when his attitude is still so childish seriously, he is CHILDISH!
Jovita went to Habib's restaurant look for Sotong.
Sotong was so engrossed talking to his frens ,
then Jovita : Where is my money ?
Sotong looked stunned -.-
[Sotong's friends were like,who SIAL this gal come ask for money]
Sotong bu shuang.
Go back Mac.
Jovita was " Ya Ya ,you take my $50 right ?! "
Sotong : " Ya , Ya papaYA lahh . where got i take ?"
LOLS -.-''
Sotong so pathetic -.- Everyone in th Habib's restaurant was staring @ him .
then in th Mac, th WangKang finally admitted that he took her $$.
lols. Sotong was so agitated -.-'' ( who dsnt rite,accused for stealing)
then i was standing there " eh quick eh Jovita tuition late liao ! "
In th Tuition, i kept disturbing Jovita " where is my money ?"
Then we 2 kept laughing.
Lucky tcher never see :D
It was damn funny lahh .
Then 9pm go back Mac, they were still at there.
me,Jovita & S.O go home.
S.O was pathetic oso lahh,ayar! S.O & boyfriend[sotong] both pathetic nia*
S.O haven finish D&T hwks yet she stayed at mac till 9pm,haven bathe oso -.-
She asked me to help her with th D&T through smses.
I myself hadn't been revising for Maths paper 1 ,then last minute revision until 11++
Morning oso revised ag3n -.- haiz,,why am i nt as intelligent as JieLing ? She dsnt need
to study sure can one :D