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Apr 16, 2008 @ 3:10:00 PM

Today [?]
great overall..
But yesterday was better.
Played basketball aft schl.
great;great lahh..
Siew Boon ask me coach her play baskteball.
im nt pro.
but still im teaching her aft SA1.
we planned to go ice skating aft SA1 oso,so 1e4,any of u wanna go,just tag eh.
package is 4 ppl $15 each so is better to go per 4 ppl,cheaper and you cn play without time limits :D
ice skating is really fun and challenging :D
And guess wat.
im going back to Jakarta for almost a month.
shld be happy,but i dn.i sulk!
damn it lahh.
I've to skip Choir for 5 sessions! And im only goin bck to Sing on th Sat,2 days before schl re-open.wth?Arghh,thinking about this over&over is making me mad :(

Im happy!!!!
Guess wat ?
I've found 1 of my pen.
i lost 3 pens(2blues 1 red) Shit lah,sitting there my things start losing.
I control myself nt to agitate sitting there.
He is just too irritating sometimes.
OMG,i must control oke.
Didn't bring this&that.I got blown up then u noe!
I forgive ppl ,hee :D

Ow,is alr 3 o'clock.
i still got piles of hwks.
Oh no.
oke i gotta do it now.
and 2mr have Malay test,good luck to myself (: