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Apr 5, 2008 @ 11:24:00 PM

Play scissor+paper+stone (must drink the soup if lose)
Jovita jiayou!nenepork ah. drink..{is Elaine's leftover lehh}
{Wu Ping & Jovita} dno wat they posing lahh
Yeah,peace ppl !
Mami cute lahh...

Jovita & Me{ I managed to stand on the ice by my own !! (: }

I really had fun today!
Went Iceskating.
My first time lehx.It was damn slippery lahh!The boots were heavy! OMG< i tripped and fell.
So did the rest.
Worst still,Elaine can't slide.She stomped her foot for each step, no wonder her leg pain.
I tried my best to slide and i managed,YAY! first trial of corse very lousy,who doesn't?
But,Wu Ping and Sandy coached me,then slowly can liao.
Mami slided here and there,fell 5 times,that hurts >.<
I fell 2 times,half body laid flat on the ice.
Professionals just skated as they want,they didn't aware of us[the lousy skaters],almost bang on me and Mami lahh!!I shouted cos of HIM! everyone stared @ me[psps]
There was performance oso,walao they skated so gracefully ((:
I want go for more IceSkating!!!!!
But the hell was,i've got a small cut on my forehead.dno why,seriously,it was pain ; when i saw the mirror then got blood.

Headed to Jurong Point.
Bought presents liao;my wallet is thinning!
Then slacked at kopitiam,wait Elaine eat finish.We all ate ice kachang{yummy}
Then got leftover's of Elaine's noodle,we play scissor+paper+stone who lose ate the soup.[pictures on top] Jovita lose,wkwkwk.She drank finish! {EEEEwww}
I want to talk about th past few days thing.
I dno if i wan to be prefect;tcher nominated but i scared STRESS!!
Oke,maybe i shall let the chance go,im going to stress myself lahh!!
I wan a carefree life <3
Life in lower secs may nt be that stressful but i dno wat might happen in 2/3 years' time.
I guess Cui Ting has th same opinion.
Sec 4s pass out!
Shiajun cried;Kaiishi cried;i influenced and cried too.
But i cried a while only ah.
I'll miss playing thumb with Kaiishi,Wei Hui,Emily & th rest of th seniors lahh!
Although is only few months wit them,but they are kind lahh.
Im jus wishing best lucks in their 'o' level!!!
Emily,rmbr ah,top top !!!!!!!!!!
You guys owe me and CuiTing a 'Thumb' game,i dn care!

Crapped.Im loaded with so many projects!
D&T[halfway done]
Litaruter[going to]
Geog[done :D,left with presentation]