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Apr 19, 2008 @ 6:26:00 PM

Jus played street-soccer @ home :D
it was fun . I sweat:we sweat.
My best friends today had been hwks and dictionary& pen.
They were great company :D
and now im relaxing!!!
im certainly happy these few days :D
Lets talk about yesterday.

School started well in th morning ;D
ET>> th best ET ever for me.
1e4 rocks to th core lah eh.
We sang and ran and slacked.
But tcher didnt scold.
Literature.Went to th Dance studio to see th rest perform.

Then D&T.
Tcher talked wat i dno lah,i almost fell asleep liao.
Lucky he asked us to do anything we like.
so i made handphone standing-pouch.
i jus made th hand.
its nt done yet,next week shall continue.
and i will post its photo :D

I couldn't believe for my marks :D
Jumped for joy ppl!
ME and CuiTing had decided OFFICIALLY not to become prefects.
i dno why many 1e4s want to be prefects.
For me there are too many consequences as 1,i rather nt putting myself in a hard shoe.
Its oke if i dn get th points.
BUT who knows i may change my mind to be a prefect?
My mind swings :D
&& MS Chew said my hairstyle not acceptable -.-
thats a bad sentence -.-
EL >>
Do correction.
And th last few minutes we changed sitting arrangement to exam's one.
I JUMPED FOR THE GREATEST JOY !! I made my freedom out of HIM !
&& it was just my luck to be arranged in 6 chairs per row,if it were to be 5,i'll be dead eh ?
Nt cos of HIM but smth else.
Released ..

I went to 2e3 to help th Choir CIP.
I knew who is Zeling & Rivario.
Yilin was mad ag3n -.-
I went home..

At about 3.40,Elaine called me go Mac.
Then i go do hwk :D
Met some SENIORS .
WeiHui & Melissa.OMG i love them :D
Sandy came along too.
And WeiHui asked if Sandy is my sister?
I answered NO>
Cos we look alike you see(
Many tchers las time said we looked like twins -.-
which obviously not to me.
Oke i shall post photos.

We look alike dont we?

I've got 2 hp people!! 2 HPs !!

Im th thief,Elaine is th police . She's catching me hell. im scared :D
TrIo .. I love them ..
My mixture of Coke&IceCream.Damn nice oke,i rated 100% nice..
And i put th IceCream biscuit inside.taste better (:
I finished it :D Full eh ..
Chio rite? hahakx..

Then we ate @ Aliff.Ate roti prata.
Then went to DAZHONG !!!!
OMG>>>miracle that we can enter th school.
the makcik was so d :D
I was HIGH >>
I screamed of Tears alias of happiness..
I saw my JUNIORS>>
I love them :D
They were Soccer Juniors.
Rabak seh makan beehoon :D

This Year th JUNIOR soccer emerge 3rd sia..
So cool .
And i witnessed th price ceremony.
total of 4 schools: Unity,ShuQun,Kranji & DAZHONG.
1st is Shuqun.2nd is Unity.3rd is my ex pri...4th is Kranji ...

Whereas th Soccer Senior emerge oso 3rd and currently they are 8th in the nation-wide.
Jiayoux eh.
Be 1st if possible.
I met some tchers.
The unforgettable ones.
Mdm Fardilah,Mdm Ramlah,Mdm Pang,Mdm Yap&many more lahh.
Mdm Ramlah couldn't recognize me -.-
I love my JUNIORS lahh <3
so cute.
Met Sabb& Zuraiha (:
Josh is handsome . But i dn like him -.-
He's a grown up boy (: