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Im happy
Apr 7, 2008 @ 3:52:00 PM

Im happy today.Cox im blogging ag3n.
and i completed my NAPFA.OMG,im so happy.2.4 was oke,but i was pushing myself hard.
LanJia emerged 1st,she was really fast (:
Cui Ting 2nd!Im proud of her lahh,her leg so pain yet still can struggle through the finishing line.
ChingLe 4th.Im only 26th :(
JieLing 58th(im sure she's faster than that!)
Oke,im so proud of my Children,they made it so great.
Th rest who aren't named too :D
Oke JingCi,your story really sounds scary,i s'pose u go see doctor.
Dn wan eu to hav those haunting woman all th times (:
I did badly for th last MATHS test.
I only got 29/35. Oke that was disaster.Most of my friends did better than me.
Was it i couldn't do it or careless ag3n? i dno .
Im frustrated @ my marks these few weeks =.=
And SA1 is just 3 weeks ahead,oke i need to buck up.
buck up.

i dno if to be a prefect or not.
is really confusing lahh;
im scared i'll stressful..ppl tag and decide whether i shld be one.(no offense,i really nid ppl opinions)
Beverly said i can re-consider ag3n.
im worried.

Every sacrifice i made is for eu .
Eu taught me how to love unselfishly.