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Apr 12, 2008 @ 12:21:00 PM

Finally projects are done :D
im so happy and relieved.
im down with revised and hwks now -.-
and im taking a rest before i chiong study later.that's only PROBABLY.
don u know how lazy am i -.-
im nt as diligent as CuiTing arh...
she's hardworking (:
Yesterday Literature was nt up to wat i expect.
but is okey,we did our best at least.
D&T was like a total disaster.
no one was listening to th presentations.
but wen it was our turn,i raised my voice and scanned at th audience.
lame lah me...
but is really tough when no one is listening to you :(

do Gabeko Izar.
i like it but CuiTing is insane with it (:
then we gossiped.
I know who liked who (: lol.
so we went to th basketball court aftr we were released.
see weather got shuai-ge or nt.
i saw Chingle and Glen.yay,they shuai.
the sec 2s were finding their handsome ones.
BB oso got Yiling's one.
She's insane with him -.-
and she made my prepaid finish.We smsed & smsed.
She broke me,but is okey :D
at least i know who is Rivario Savio.
class of 2e3 and he's Indonesian too .
oke i guess i shall stop here.
works still await me.
but before i go.
I shall wish Heidi,Afiqah & Syafiqah whose birthday on 13 April.
Advance wishes :D