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Mar 20, 2008 @ 4:19:00 PM

X Country is done (:
Is oke RED came in 4th,there is still others years to come by.
Oke,cheers for BLUE,champion! hahs.
Run ; Went home ;
On the way walking to Lakeside MRT, we witnessed a boy injured an was like lying on the road needing help.Some people went there to see what was happening,me, Lan Jia and Catherine could see his blood oozing like siao from far.FYI,he's frm Swiss too.We all stopped at the scene to help him.He kept saying he felt like dying,OMG. Lan Jia kept turning around avoiding to see the blood.
Seriously,the blood was really a lot.Shattered on the ground and even his socks and shoe is bloodied.It was scary. BUT there was no adults around,luckily Afiqah's mother who is a Nurse was walking behind us,so she came to help the boy.We were panic.Making it worse,the blood did not stop oozing from his deep-cut,it was really deep.He said that he rolled on the grass or wat then smth pock him or watever the thing was.He did not cry though.The prefects were trying to help him,bandaged him temporarily with the towels to stop the blood from oozing.Lan Jia,Catherine and I felt sorry for him cox we cudnt help anything but to go off cos Lan Jia has smth on.Actually i wanted to wait to see what will happen.Some people called the Ambulance.
And withing just minutes,it arrived,really fast.Many people helped him though.I think he would be alright then.
Its really scary to witness it,worse if i were to experience it.
i hope that wouldn't happen.
Hopefully he would be fine when school open.
First time i witness this u noe.I cannot be doctor liao,see blood scared alr.
He's frm 1e1 cos i see him often during ET.

I kept imagining about the blood :(
Even from very far away i could see him bleeding, sitting helplessly surrounded by ppl.
i guess he lost really lots of blood,the blood was everywhere on the ground.
Oke enough talking about the blood liao,cnt tahan liao.

Just now when we were gathering after the run,there was this guy frm 1e2 acting really like yew Wei[my pri schl friend] . Ppl bully him little bit alr cry like mad.Aidil was 1 of them[haha]
He kept crying,throwing his specs and scratching his head.Instead of pitying him,i laughed like mad with Felicia Wu and Afiqah.haha (:

Commonwealth-ians didn't run the x Country cos of thunder.haish.
then Elaine didnt run,if she run then can compare mahh.
But i know im much lousier than her,haha.only came in 100+ .
Congrats Lan Jia for coming in 4th position,so proud of her ((:
Even she still couldn't believe that she came in 4th.
Long enough liao,ending..