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Mar 19, 2008 @ 5:05:00 PM

wat a long day!
And i love today so much!
Especially the Drama festival ((: Before performing,me,Cui Ting,Afiqah,Ah Sheng,Irfan and Andyqa went to 2e1.Best lahh kan?! Cui Ting and Afiqah secretly planned to buy 6 bottles of H-two-o for each of us.WOW! and FYI,before that,Afiqah already sponsored the boys with H-two-o during recess.So they got doubled for free! haha. We are H-two-o addicts :D
We played 'True or Dare',it was VERY fun!
Turn the bottle to and fro,and our aim at first was @ Ah Sheng,since it was rumored that he likes Wanjun,but he didn't admit that just now :(
Everybody starts to choose "dare" . I was told to say i 'love' Wenbo,so i did that.Cui Ting also said it to a 1n1 boy,forget his name liao [Brendan?]
Then it was our turn to perform! Oke,i was like having butterflies flying above my head instead in my stomach cos i was having HIGH tide! Not just me,Irfan and Andyqa too.We drank 2 bottles and the weather was cold.Valeria took some Spring Rolls for us to eat before we perform.
Irfan was disgusting lahh! He ate 3/4 of it and purposely stuffed the left over into the H-two-o bottle,eeehh,Squeezed and squeezed till the oil also come out! And it smelled like rotten BANANA,seriously!Instead of having fright,we were mad.Ah Sheng will always be the innocent and 'day-dreaming' boy,Duhh!

So it was our turn!
Quite a lot of ppl were there!So we acted,i hope the audience had enjoyed it ((:
Then waited to watch the other groups to perform,i like the 1e5 playlet.the Mother was so funny! The 1e1 also![Kaylor?] was funny.The way he spoke out his lines attracted the audience ((: .Ms Rina said our group did very well :D
Lan Jia's group!They were great oke!Jie Ling knew how to deal with the part where she forgot to place her wallet on the table in order for Min Jin to steal it! :P
As per normal,Keith,Glen and Ching Le will not stop laughing at Wenbo when he read his lines.

Then went home (: There are plenty of hwks !
AND 2mr is the Cross-Country run,OMG.
I'll just wat i can do as part of RED house.
So gotta wake upe very early in order to go there by school bus :(
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