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Mar 24, 2008 @ 5:10:00 PM

Today tired lahh :[
PE was the worst PE,maybe there are more worsts PE ahead.
Everyone is nt gud runner lah pls.And i hate push-ups,my knee cap hurts oke :(
Walao,i still have the whole A3 paper to color!
2mr got CCA,yeah ! I begin to like Choir though is boring.
Btw,the Swiss Winds performance was great :D
But why the ticket so ex?i wanna see lehx.Broke le .
okeoke.So what actually happen today?
CME,yay presentation finally over :D
I was nervous lehx,dno why.I used to talk so loudly then sddnly nervous :(
Is oke :P [cox is over :D]
Lynette's group was so funny ^^ I like the video,hohoho.
PE mentioned liao.
Recess !!
im the H2o addict so bought H2o.Cui Ting,Afiqah,Andy and Irfan too.hahs.
Then Geo! Wah Irfan top seh[claps!] He likes to crap but oso very genius lehx.
Maths. [skipped lah Ms Ma didnt come mah]

Maths Olymp.
Didnt know that it wud end @ 2.30 so stayed longer :(
Rmber ,Maths Olymp is on 27May [Tuesday] First week of Holiday! MUST>>
Chingle and Glen was gay-ing behing when cher teaching,they ah,still kids yet gay liao [hahs]
Chingle today vry kind lohh,he returned mine and Jie Ling's utensils ^^
He so guai u see.AND he oso help me take the dust pen and broom back to cls + Baskets too.
oke watever crap is done,im signing off ((: