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Mar 16, 2008 @ 1:02:00 PM

Oh no,my internet connection is jus too irritating!
phew!And there is virus in this comp,shit!
And finally the CME group prjct is done ((:
So i gotta go Church later since today is the week of palm.miss going Church.
FYI,i never revise throughout the week,jus do hwk BUT 'NO' for revising,psst im lazy pls.
i dn care bout Geog liao lahh,Ms Lin nt teaching nt fun le.
tmr schl starts again,oh no.no more time for slacking!I'll miss holidays so much kays?
im bored @ home now,as usual.Should have go out today to Elaine's hse,at least i cn survive the boredom there.
Mom wants to buy me laptop but i refused cos it wud be a waste if i use laptop then this desktop one use!Though this comp sucks but it has memorable memories since i used it 1year ago.
jovita has one,maybe Steven buying too,but i'll still stick with this old desktop (:

Yest played badminton (: yaya,Sandy,Elaine and Jo were mad.they laughed and laughed like siao.Sandy kept shaking her butts,wkwkwk.Elaine the flat roti prata girl and Jo is the towel queen.Guess wat she did with the towel?She danced with it the entire game,lol.
me,i was just concentrating with the game lah hoh.The game became more intense when Banana came and joined in the fun.He's always the torn among the roses,but dat makes him a real boy now.oke,im crappinq.And it rained so Roti parata cudnt go home (: She had to wait long enough before the rain finally subsided.I LOVE Saturdays of corse ! (: