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Mar 10, 2008 @ 11:16:00 AM

Yesterday evening i went to gym,hahx.Love going Gym ! :D
Then played basketball with Bernardus.Long time didn't play, forgot the tactics le.
I wish there is Basketball or Netball for girls in Swiss.
In St.Jacob last time,i joined basketball and almost went for the national team,but cos i migrated then cannot le >.<
In Dazhong,i joined Netball,yay ! I love sports :p
Admitted that Banana is good in 3 pointers,sure chiong one.
And im capable at Lay-Ups,yah ! Lay-ups is so cool :D
He's damn tall lahh,its hard to block him.

And F4 new album is released ! hahs ! Jerry Yan is still shuai,but the 4 of 'em changed hairstlye le.Yet Fahrenheit is booming in public,congrats. Jerry Yan and Wu Chun,which one more shuai?hahas.

Printer is still under construction ! ):
And i have to go to Elaine's house to finish that Lit Project,Maths wksheet and the EL penfriend.
At least in this holiday,i've enough sleep,haha.NO more eye-bag,yay!