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Feb 27, 2008 @ 2:28:00 PM

Today is totally a bad day ):
And Ms Lin is nt gonna teach 1e4 for Geography anymore!!
Ms Hafizah[?] is gonna replace her,the moment she stepped into our class,she scolded some of us le,wat can we expect any better for the future?Well,it MIGHT change,but Ms Lin will never be replaced as the bestest Geog tcher!See,so many ppl cried for her,she's way so muchh precious for us.Even Glen and Edwin cried.So people,we gonna give her at least the little farewell party,either this Fri or the next(Ms Rina's bday).
Well,me and Shi Hui didn't cry,not that we are cold-blooded,but i can't cry in front of so many people )':
I'll keep the paper u gave me Ms Lin.Hope to see you more frequent in the 188 bus,haha.

EL test,i didnt give my best,u see my English is so poor.But i still tried lah hoh.
Tmr got Maths and Mt tests,phew!
And,the drama,i dn want to wear that Aunty costume lah!
Look so strange on it!
And im bored @ home now,study oso no mood!
Nvm,i go sleep.wkwkwk.