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Feb 1, 2008 @ 6:16:00 PM

Im busy these few days,so had not been posting lately.
Today Afiqah didnt come to school,so i sat alone )):
Has been running 8 rounds durin' ET o.o''' HATE IT !
So many hwks and projects,not cool de.
Literature got photography project,EL got lots of hwks de!
I loved Geograpghy,and the teacher too ^.^She's cute.And i just realized that she takes 188 bus every morning,so sometimes i see her,like the time on the Geography test.She saw me reading Geo text book in bus,then when boarded time then i realized that she was in the same bus as me,LOL.
Some Ques are tough,the printers thingy oso!
Plus hoh,i was damn stupid cos i dno how to use the calculator for cube root,so i got to it manually,wat the?Lucky i managed it.
MT test was irritating too!Long time didnt read Malay so i forgot some of its meanings!
UHH,wat a tough secondary life !
Choir is great lahh!The seniors are loved . Ke Xin(i love her nicky name,confidental),Wen Qing,Yilin and Jo smth,hahas!
Its really a tiring day today ! But i love goin' to school everyday ((:
D&T is cool,but sometimes the teacher talk until so boring,most of the time he's ok ((:

Im loving u 2,sweeties.Yah u 2!