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Feb 29, 2008 @ 6:12:00 PM

Great day :D
Choir was SOO FUN today!
Basically,we did the CIP at Potong Pasir for the 'mentally disabled' people.At fist i thought it was gonna be a scary experience but it was TOTALLY not!
We had so much fun !
Played the rubber bands,as in using the straws to be passed around (:
It was not really that interesting at first,but when it came to sing the 7 songs,aha!It started.
Even the uncles and aunties sang along with us.
Swayed here and there,and i super duperly loved that Love Me,As Long As You Love Me and Uptown Girl song!
hahas,Jocelyn and me banged our head cos i swayed wrong side,wkwkwk.It was pain oke.
Didnt play Musical Chair cos not enough time ,sad.
We headed home!And Josephine was like emo-ing in the bus with me.
She has problems with her darlink,ow..But have to say that they are sweet (: Attach longer hoh?

Birthday Celebs,haha,oke lah [[: I love the Chocolate cakes !
So about the Geog,Ms Lin will take over our class again,but not long :(
Im looking forward for her stepping into our class to teach again.
I bet she was holding onto her tears just now when she entered 1e4.Especially when Glen waved at her :'(

AND,i did really badly for the Comprehension!haha.
Fine,need to study harder.maybe i need an English remedial,but im not requesting for any.

Im starting to love Choir,the seniors are so kind :D
Though i know that i prefer sports to music.But thats oke (:
Shall end the post here (: