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Jan 19, 2008 @ 4:25:00 PM

Woke up at 7.20 in the morning.
Bathe,ate breakfast.
Reached school at 8.40 then the back gate was closed so i have to go for the front gate,LOL.
Saw 2 seniors but dno their names (sooiieex)
Meet the security guard and found my name,but i didnt see Lan Jia's name.
Thought i would be late,but when i reached the hall,no one was in except the hockey boys.
Played so noisy '''o.o
Finally Wanjun came.Then we do stretches.Rhia came too XD,jus know her today.
I was surprised to know her name is Rhia,luckily not Lia.
Many of the seniors mixed up our names ''o.o Mr Gan and Mr Diki too(is this how i spell his name?).
Played with Rhia and Wanjun then Amirah came.hee.
4 of us played tghtr.
Sddnly Mr Gan asked me to play with ''Candy''?
I played with Candy?LOL,Candy is nt a living thing mah.
then i realized that she was one of my senior(sooiiiee)
I went to water cooler for a while,when i was back,Mr Gan challenged me.LOL.
Sure i die one ''o.o
Im really dead playing with him.
I simply couldn't read his mind!I thought he was giving me high ball,but i was wrong..Run here run there hoping to hit the shuttlecock well,but my shoe was too slippery.
So i took it off.
Still couldnt resist him. X(
I was drenched with sweat.
Panting like dog seh.
Then Mr Diki asked me to hold the 10 shuttlecocks and throw one by one to the seniors.
They played great XD
I love the seniorss lahh..
Then practised the footwork with Mr Gan.I admit that im the most lan one.
Im a slow learner mah X)
But im happy with wat i've learnt today XD.
Lan Jia will be called for the next training :D
Ms Ng said she was urgent so she only called a few but she has the list of those names who are able to make for the previous trial :p
Went home and did the compo.walao.
Nvm,i bet i wont get high marks for it,im using boring plain English,no idea lehh.
Left with Literature hwk,btw can someone gimmie clue where shud i draw the symbols of fear??
Im clueless.
I think thats all for today Xp. Bye.