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Jan 23, 2008 @ 4:22:00 PM

Wat today?
Geography,oke i was mad,bai-seh lah kann?o.o'''But nvm,in order to make my groups to win, no prize though,other groups are good too XD.1E4 lah kann?
Science test?LOL,the bunsen burner thing hoh in anyhow write one de :p I only remember the names of the parts of bunsen burner.
ET,ran 7 rounds,oke ah not so bad.But the boys didn't run much,oke punishments again?
Maths,hwk for the revision,huhu.But is oke ah,better than understanding the REAL NUMBER.
I guess i only understand FACT NUMBER.blur blur o.o'''
MT,ala,some of 'em are not goin' to be in our MALAY class anymore,oh it was sad :(
Hopefully Aidil didn't read this,if not he will 'bully' me again?Pity o.o'''
I was laughin' like mad lahh,Afiqah's laughters are too contagious,can't stand it XD.

Chinese new year deco,
Almost the same like yesterday.And today is Yuen Siong's(sorry for the spelling mistake) b-day,sang for him.And i wish eu a happy advanced birthday XD.
Hsiang Wee insisted to accompany me to canteen,didn't talk much of course.
Im gonna finish reading the ''worry website'',nice written story XD.
Oke ah,signing off now XD.

i've got his number!can't believe it!oopss XD