That explains why she is an October 9 baby. Lia for short. Limegreen never fails to make her day brighter, as bright as classic colours do. Choirs have painted her life more vibrantly. Not a person based on the first impression haha! Nothing much. She's just another secondary school kid. Facebook. Enjoy your stay here :)

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Jul 4, 2007 @ 5:21:00 PM

yeah!! i made it to the first.it was like so unbelievable.Yati, Nadiah, Wani and Sab, u four had tried your best, don't be sad ok, u all are winners.And this 4 boys who jus can't sit still jus now,don show off lah, some more want to tease ppl..I'll grab my medal back on Monday assembly with Satya.i really happie..thanks u ppl who have supported me till i came this far,especially Mr Wee, thanks for all your effort for training me all this while.my stomach rumbling already, wanna eat first lho..bye